Dallas/Fort Worth Professional Musicians Association

April 10 Dallas Pops Informational Picket a Success

  April 18, 2014  

Members of AFM Local 72-147 came out in force to picket and leaflet a Dallas Pops performance on April 10, after the presenter had been placed on the AFM’s International Unfair List for its refusal to negotiate a union contract that meets area’s labor standards. Indications are that Dallas Arts District Venues and audiences received the message that musicians deserve fairness and that the people of Dallas/Fort Worth deserve quality.


Thanks to Everyone who came out to make this demonstration so effective!

The photos above were taken by Local 72-147 member Forest Aten. Forest covered the whole demonstration and wonderfully captured the feel of the day. Please visit his gallery to see his more than 100 photos of the picket by visiting his SmugMug gallery. Thanks Forest!

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